Monday, August 18, 2014

Humphrey Family Reunion

We had a good weekend visiting with extended family at the first annual Humphrey Family Reunion. Amelia and Jack roamed all over with cousins, which was fun to watch! Here's some of the few pictures I managed to get...

Miss Mae, the welcoming committee

She was found reading often

Cute boys ready for some frisbee

hanging out

Jack and his buddy Uncle "mimal" 

 two peas...

 everyone enjoys long talks with MM

Amelia working on her putting

see.. long talks with MM 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Two Years

2 years ago God gave us this boy. He loves to have fun; he prefers danger and dirt; He loves to eat (still), Sis is his best friend...

we love you, Jack Sterling! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014


(yes it's been awhile since the last blog post... I'm going to just jump right back in like nothing happened)

Today is Amelia's 5th birthday! It's unbelievable to me really... her first milestone birthday! No longer a little kid (except in stature) and about to start school!

We had a space theme party yesterday afternoon. So here's thousands of pictures...
 Food table with a hanging solar system


the food of course followed the theme: Flying saucers- pork burgers

Saturn's rings-onion rings
 star bits-pineapple
 not picture: curly comets-curly french fries, meteorites-rice krispies, rocket fuel-lemonade

 I came up with a space themed relay race... team one getting a game plan
 2 teams lined up ready to go

 the relay consisted of 5 stations... a player had to run to their station, read the instructions and then carry out their task before returning to the team ... station 1 was naming as many planets you could. 

Amelia is at station 2 ... the big dipper and the milk way. Had to eat an oreo and drink a glass of milk
 Lincoln  and Sydney doing Station 3 ... blast off! putting on the jet pack, counting down and running around.

Station 4 was a moon rock dig and Station 5 was shooting the aliens.

present time... everyone watching

Baby Graham!

Amelia got a big girl bike ... finally :) from Mom and Dad!

Blowing out the candles on her moon rock cake

Ellie gave Amelia a "cousins forever" necklace 

practicing her bike

We had a great weekend celebrating Amelia! The past 5 years have gone by so fast. Looking forward to seeing how she grows and changes, Lord willing, this coming year!